Performer-Composer/Educator living in Sedona, AZ. I teach International Baccalaureate Music and this site features posts about Music (Improvisation, Ableton, Composition), Music Business, and Education.

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I don’t know any artists making whose revenue is increasing either: “As someone who regularly works with artists from all levels of the business, I have a pretty good idea of what their economic realities are. Spending weeks locked in a tiny room with a group of people means you have a long time to get to know one another, and an artist’s financial situation is a pretty common topic of conversation. As someone whose livelihood is directly connected to the health of those artists’ incomes (and thus their ability to spend money on future recordings), I have some pretty serious skin in the game as well. To a person, not a single one of them has talked about how our new free digital model of music distribution has helped increase their revenue. Not one. Not the ones on major labels, not the ones on indie labels, and not the ones paying out of pocket.”